At Pulaski Strength training, there is something for everyone – youth programs for developing athletes, personal and small group training for parents waiting around the rink for their kids, and an incredibly tough and no-nonsense approach to assisting even the most high level competitive athlete attain their performance goals.

We offer multiple different options for our athletes to train. Each includes a 14-point pinch test, nutrition monitoring, and access to NSF certified supplements. We run our programs through each of the four seasons on a package basis and we also offer private training.

Each program, after testing, is built from the ground up around the athlete to match his or her goals for the session. The aim is always for a stronger, faster, more capable athlete who understands his or her body. We also stress recovery, injury-prevention, and proper nutrition  

Our various programs include:

- Off-season performance training -

- Off-season hockey training (with on-ice sessions) -

- In-season maintenance training -

- Team and Group training -

- Private and Semi-private training -

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