Our flagship training program has entered its 3rd year! Summer Elite has been the staple of Pulaski Strength Training since its inception. For our athletes, it becomes a way of life over the summer.

The program includes:

 - Four lifts per week

 - Sports yoga

 - 14-point pinch test, muscle tension test, and knee-clap test

 - Custom-tailored workouts

 - Two Pulaski Strength shirts

 - A bottle of PurePaleo NSF-Certified protein

 - Access to NSF-Certified Supplements

For our Elite hockey athletes, we also include:

 - Two skates per week

 - A Pulaski Strength Practice Jersey

Workout groups run on the hour starting at 7am Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, and run on the hour until 4pm. Our 9 to 10am and 10 to 11am slots are our closed Pro groups.