Our flagship training program has entered its 3rd year! Summer Elite has been the staple of Pulaski Strength Training since its inception. For our athletes, it becomes a way of life over the summer.

The program includes:

 - Four lifts per week

 - Sports yoga

 - 14-point pinch test, muscle tension test, and knee-clap test

 - Custom-tailored workouts

 - Two Pulaski Strength shirts

 - A bottle of PurePaleo NSF-Certified protein

 - Access to NSF-Certified Supplements

For our Elite hockey athletes, we also include:

 - Two skates per week

            (©Power Edge Pro skates ran by Dave Canfarotta)*

 - A Pulaski Strength Practice Jersey

Workout groups run on the hour starting at 7am Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, and run on the hour until 4pm. Our 9 to 10am and 10 to 11am slots are our closed Pro groups.

Pricing starts at $3400 for the full summer with skates and $2800 without skates. We also offer an option for athletes to workout with a friend and split the price with them. We can also prorate for students who want to workout less or more than four days a week.


Power Edge Pro and their reactive countering training is the future of hockey training.


Countless of the top names and programs in hockey have implemented this in their training regiments.

Coach Dave Canfarotta is one of six coaches in North America certified to train with PEP.

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